Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here's my gingerbread miniature. I was having some issue with the cookie light set.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here is an invite for the Ed Kashi vip reception for photographers. Any student is welcome to attend and also to stay for the lecture for free. Please rsvp if you plan to attend.

Wednesday, November 4
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Longboat Key Center for the Arts
& Ringling College of Art and Design
Invite you to a private reception for
photojournalist Ed Kashi
And to experience his exhibition
“Aging in America”
This exhibition of black and white photographs taken by renowned photographer Ed Kashi, explores the human condition and challenges our attitudes about aging.
We also extend an invitation for you attend Ed’s lecture following the private reception.

Please RSVP to
941 383 2345 or by email
Longboat Key Center for the Arts 6860 Longboat Drive South
Longboat Key, Fl 34228

Saturday Lab Hours


Starting this Saturday, October 24th the PDI facilities will be open from noon till 6:00 PM. Monitors will be here to open the computer labs and studios.

Remember, there is no checking out or returning of equipment on Saturday. If you plan to checkout equipment it must be done so by 4:00 PM on Friday. Equipment can be returned after 4:00 PM on Sundays.

Please take advantage of this time to make even more and better images.

Ken Strothman

Perfume Photography with a Twist


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artist I saw

Photojournalism stuff. Not my thing but some great photos.

Final Portfolio Idea

Ok, so one idea I've had for the series for our final portfolio is: I walk around looking for photos a lot and I recently decided to try to take interesting photos of trash. It's everywhere and ugly. But it is someone's disposable art (sometimes not meant to be I guess) but anyway I'm thinking of using photos I make of trash and printing them out and incorporating them into portraits in the studio of figures that relate to the trash. Maybe a similar gesture. Also Joseph and I spoke about bringing in the trash and photographing in the studio then bringing in models and photographing them and splitting the images half figure half trash. Also another avenue is using a projector to relate the trash projected in/around the figure. The last possibility that I've been thinking about with this is after photographing the trash, printing it out and making props/clothing for the model or actually buying the product/or using the actual trash with the model as clothing.

Whew! Thats long. Thanks for reading and hope this sparks some conversation.


PS These aren't necessarily the photos I would use, but give a general idea of where my mind is at.

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 22nd at the Studio@620- 7:30pm-9:30pm

Morean Arts Center

Advanced screenings of Art21:Art in the Twenty-First Century
October 22nd at the Studio@620- 7:30pm-9:30pm
Free and open to the public
The Morean Arts Center and The Studio@620 in partnership with Art21, Inc. will host advanced screenings of Art:21-Art in the Twenty-First Century, the only prime time national television show focused exclusively on contemporary art. The themes for the four episodes include compassion, transformation, fantasy and systems.
After each screening there will be a panel discussion moderated by JoEllen Schilke, host of WMNF's Art in Your Ear program, with local artists in discussion of each screening's themes.
This event is part of Art21 Access '09, a celebration of contemporary art and Season 5 of Art:21-Art in the Twenty-First Century sponsored by Art21. Art21 Access 09 is held at over 300 museums, schools, libraries, art spaces, and community centers and is organized in collaboration with Americans for the Arts' National Arts and Humanities Month. Visit for more information.

Oct 20th

Bring a shine metal or translucent glass object to class.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oct 15

Have your portfolios ready to turn in at the start of class. Don't forget to place your digital files on the webshare and on the midterm blog.

You will have the entire class period to take the exam.

Good Luck.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

too much?

I thought this was interesting. Doesn't have much to do with studio lighting, but maybe it will encourage people to rethink how much they photoshop their images.
read the article about the photo

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Food photography tips


Glycerin and Seafood

Glycerin, along with various sizes of artist’s paintbrushes (to make seafood look like it was just caught that morning) and a misting bottle (to spritz lettuce salads, giving them that just-picked-and-rinsed look).

DOF is helpful

"Depth of field is an essential point when taking food photos. Often, a nice blur will make the actual emphasis of your shot stand out."
I found this website very helpful.


Dirty Photography Secrets

Soaking mushrooms in bleach to make them look white.

Couple of Food Tricks

Hairspray can be used to give a little more life to fruits.

Shoe polish can help make meat look fresher.

Food Tip

A lighter can be used to heat up a small, stiff metal wire to burn steak and make grill marks on it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Food Secrets

* That luscious-looking roasted turkey has been washed in dish washing detergent, cooked briefly, painted with ten coats of food colouring, and blowtorched (to give it that lovely roasted look!)

* Those natural-looking bunches of grapes are sprayed with baby powder deodorant.

* The molded cream pudding is hard as a rock, because it contains ten times the amount of gelatin than a regular pudding would.

* The ice you see in that frosty beverage is most likely acrylic "ice," that refracts light better than real ice and doesn't melt.
* The rich-looking syrup being poured over pancakes? Motor oil works well here.

* Like that milkshake? It's a combination of food colouring, and whipped shortening!

* That great looking bowl of cereal on the cover of your cereal box is actually cereal and white glue, instead of milk, to prevent the cereal from getting soggy.

* Those veggies that look as if if they were just picked and dew-covered? Mix glycerine into a spray bottle with water and the drops will stay on for about 15 minutes. (Glycerin can be used to give any food a juicy, glistening appearance.)

* Want your Barbecued ribs to look mouth-watering? Half-cook the ribs, paint with wood stain and BBQ sauce.

* Those french fries in a carton? Each one has been individually selected, from hundreds of fries, and secured to a styrofoam base inside the package so that they stand up straight and fan out nicely.

* Hamburger? Do the following...
o Try frying the hamburger for 20 seconds on each side using red-hot skewers pressed against the meat to give it that "grilled" look
o Painting the hamburger with food colouring to give it that plump, brown, juicy appearance.
o Picking the best out of hundreds of hamburger buns (strategically gluing on extra sesame seeds if necessary)
o Lining the buns with cardboard so that they don't get soggy
o Snipping and spreading the burger from behind so that it looks bigger in the bun
o Selecting only the most perfect condiments and securing them in place with toothpicks
o Securing the top of the bun to the hamburger with toothpicks

White Glue

Use white glue in substitution for milk, as real milk makes cereal too soggy to photograph.(example above)

Pure Lemon Extract & Blue Sticky Stuff

"Ya know that blue ink that the manufacturer prints on most bottles, usually indicating the lot number (I think)? There is only one thing that will take that type off. Not bestine, not rubbing alcohol, not Goo-off, only pure lemon extract. You can find it at any old grocery store."

Fun*Tac – Basically, this stuff is like clay, only it doesn’t leave a residue on a surface once it’s removed. We use it for making things stick to each other. In food photography, Fun Tac keeps the fork where you want it instead of sliding down the plate where gravity says it should be. There are a million uses for this stuff. In the studio, it has a nickname, “Blue shit”, as in, “where’s the blue shit”. Everyone knows what you mean."

Oct 6

Studio Day with Food Photography.

You will also be permitted to work on your midterm portfolio (this places the responsibility of shooting food outside of class).

Post on the blog your found food trick and supporting image (this is part of your grade).

Upload your selected portraits (minimum 4) to Picasa and e-mail me the embedded code.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Food photography tricks


Brush shellfish and pasta with olive oil, to add more color and a "palatable sheen".

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's Next: Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

"What's Next: Undergraduate Juried Exhibition" (Posted: 8/11/09) -- Bradley University Galleries in Peoria, Illinois announces a call to artists for an exhibition to be held January 4 - 29, 2010. Three top place awards totaling over $1000. Juror: Richard Holland, Bad at Sports art review podcast. All artists must be enrolled in an undergraduate art program at the time of entry, and all artwork submitted must have been completed within the last two years. All forms of creative expression are encouraged. $25 for up to three entries, and $5 per each additional entry. Deadline: October 30, 2009. For prospectus, visit or send a SASE to: Bradley University Galleries, 1501 W Bradley Avenue, Peoria, IL 61625. Questions? Contact Elizabeth Kauffman, Gallery Director at or call (309) 677-2989.

30th Annual College Photography Contest

DEADLINE NOVEMBER 23, 2009 - $4000 in Awards

30th Annual College Photography Contest

Online Event - Contests, Juried Art Shows - Photography Art Gallery

30th Annual College Photography Contest, sponsored by Photographer's Forum Magazine and Nikon. 1st Prize: $2,000 & Nikon D90 camera. 2nd Place: $1,000 & camera. Cash for 3rd - 4th Place. Open to high school & college students worldwide. Winners, Honorable Mention and Finalists all published in the book Best of College Photography 2010. Enter prints, slides, or online. Early deadline 10/19/09. Final deadline 11/23/09. More info: please visit the website or contact Julie Simpson.


Visual Acoustics

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Photography

Here are some funny tips for food styling:
Click me!

This article talks about using Glycerin and paint brushes to make food glossy, wet and fresh looking. Also, they mention using soaked cotton balls cooked in the microwave along with dry ice to give off steam.

Hope this helps some.

Food Photography Tips


This link covers a broad range of information about food photography and different techniques. In particular, I found it was useful to read about how to emphasize texture by scraping the light down the food. It talks about how moving your food even 1/2 an inch makes a huge difference.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

H1N1 Pandemic

Class on Saturday Sept 26

I am proposing that I open the studio for this one Saturday and this Saturday only AND for our class only. I will have the lab open from 12PM to 3:15PM, no more no less. For this to happen I need 3/4 of the class to attend [9 of you]. This is not additional open lab time... This is additional studio class time and is only being offer to my class because of my professional schedule conflicting with my teaching schedule. I will be showing a 30 minute video about Hollywood lighting at the start of the 'class' and those wanting to use the studio must attend the viewing. AGAIN I NEED 3/4 OF THE CLASS TO TAKE UP THE OFFER AND THIS IS ADDITIONAL STUDIO CLASS TIME AND NOT OPEN LAB HOURS.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sept 22 and 24

The other two parts to the portrait assignment, along with links to articles and artist, are on the web blog. Feel free to make decisions based on the assignments for what you may want to do in class on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday we will start shooting at about 4:30 after a short critique and discussion about the assignments. Thursday be ready to hit the ground running, if you need help with printing or Black and White conversion, please see me on Thursday. All four parts will be due in full on Thursday Oct 1st. Remember that there will be no class on Tuesday Sept 29th, but I am available for meetings by appointment.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jeremy Cowart

This photographer has some interesting studio/location portraits with lighting.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 15

Have your RAW files, flatten tiffs, and jpegs [saved for web] in the web share, given the effect of the limited lab hours I will accept files turned in any time prior to class. NO PRINTS

Read Chapters 8 and 9

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Margaret Stratton

Checkout her still life work


Sept 8 & 10

Read chapters 4 and 5.

Bring RAW files to class.

We will meet up stairs in Cooley 3. Refresher on RAW and a little retouching.

Also have sketch and object to shoot for the last 2 hours of class. You may work in pairs but be aware that this will cut down on your class time.

I'll be helping you guys out as well as discussing potential solution to your still lifes.

Sept 10 is a shooting day be prepared to just jump in there and get started. Anju will be available to assist you guys.

I'll be out of town from Wednesday until Sunday afternoon. Feel free to call upon me for assistance after I return.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Links for Still Life

David Latchman
Apogee Photo Magazine

More on Reserve

Hicks, Roger (Roger William)
Food shots / Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz.
TR656.5 .H53 1994
Beauty shots / Alex Larg and Jane Wood.
Guide to professional lighting techniques
TR600 .L371 1997
Product shots / Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz.
TR600 .H53x 1994
Special effects / Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz.
TR148 .H53 1995
Still life / Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz.
TR620 .H524 1996
Brackenbury, John.
Close up : creative techniques for successful
macrophotography / John Brackenbury.
TR683 .B72 2004
Marchesi, Jost J.
Professional lighting technique / Jost J. Marchesi ;
[translated by L. Andrew Mannheim]
TR590 .M37 1996
Still life and special effects photography : a guide to
professional lighting techniques / [Roger Hicks and
Frances Schultz].
TR656.5 .H53 2002
The best of Dean Collins on lighting [videorecording] / produced by Software Cinema.
TR590 .C644 2006 Disc 1&2
TR590 .C644 2006 Disc 3&4

Sept 3

Read Chapter 3 and Chapter 1&2 if you hadn't.

Upload to webshare your two picks from the first studio shoot.
Place the images in the webshare > ***Class Dropbox > FirstStudioShoot
Label each image firstnameLastname.tif

Bring example images or weblinks of still lifes that interest you.

No Cameras needed for class, but remember to wear your closed toe shoes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lobster People and Brightness


An issue has cropped up with the monitor calibration. Some people are getting skin tones looking like cooked lobster.

The problem is a defective i1 monitor calibrator. Once the computer is calibrated with a good calibrator the problem goes away. Nancy and I are trying to track down the problem computers and replace the bad profile. Please report any computers having the problem.

We have settled on setting the brightness for the monitors as indicated bellow. Set it to the right of 1200 and to the left of Brightness.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sept 1

Bring your cameras, object(s), and 5 sketches

Read Chapters 3 and 5

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aug 31

Read Chapters 1 and 2.

Bring your one object plus any other materials you need plus 5 sketches.

Also bring your camera... Please take the time to research your sync speed.

Reserved Books at Kimbrough Library

Corbell, Tony L.
Basic studio lighting : the photographer's complete guide to professional techniques
TR573 .C67 2001
Hunter, Fil.
Light--science & magic : an introduction to photographic lighting
TR590 .H84 1990
Hattersley, Ralph.
Photographic lighting : learning to see
TR590 .H34 1979
Hart, John Patrick.
50 portrait lighting techniques for pictures that sell
TR575 .H26 1983
Brown, Alan.
Lighting secrets for the professional photographer
TR590 .B77 1990
Weston, Christopher (Christopher Mark)
The essential lighting manual for digital and film photographers
TR590 .W47 2004
Bidner, Jenni.
The lighting cookbook : foolproof recipes for perfect glamour, portrait, still life, and corporate photographs
TR590 .B53 1997

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exhibition Deadline Extended

The dates have been extended to submit for the Crossroads exhibition. The new deadline will be Friday, September 11.

SPE Southeast Exhibition

WhiBal Card

Link to B&H Photo Page

Still-life Links

Jo Whaley
David Levinthal
Raphaël Dallaporta
Nick Vedros
Camille Solyagau
Ion Zupcu
John Holt
Christian Coigny
Katvan Studios
Dan Tobin Smith
John Manno
Jeff Morgan
Daryl Solomon
Massimo Gammacurta
Michel Tcherevkoff
Jim Scherer
Kiyoshi Togashi
Peter Belanger
Holly Stewart
David Bishop
Davies and Starr

AUG 26

Remember to bring to class two objects along with 10 adjectives that describe each object. You also need to have a personal connection to one of the objects.

Bring your camera to class.

Read chapter 2.

Circular Polarizer Filers

Please select the filter that fits the lens you intend to shoot with the most this semester.

Link to B&H Photo Page

Quick Fix for Photoshop CS4

Before you guys use start using Photoshop please make the following change in Preferences

Open Photoshop

Go to: Photoshop > Preferences > Performance

> and turn off or uncheck Enable OpenGL Drawing

If you have any questions see me during class.