Monday, October 5, 2009

Pure Lemon Extract & Blue Sticky Stuff

"Ya know that blue ink that the manufacturer prints on most bottles, usually indicating the lot number (I think)? There is only one thing that will take that type off. Not bestine, not rubbing alcohol, not Goo-off, only pure lemon extract. You can find it at any old grocery store."

Fun*Tac – Basically, this stuff is like clay, only it doesn’t leave a residue on a surface once it’s removed. We use it for making things stick to each other. In food photography, Fun Tac keeps the fork where you want it instead of sliding down the plate where gravity says it should be. There are a million uses for this stuff. In the studio, it has a nickname, “Blue shit”, as in, “where’s the blue shit”. Everyone knows what you mean."

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  1. We have a product similar to Fun Tac in the studio.